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Centres Stop inc.
5280, 1ère av  
Québec, Québec
Canada G1H 2V2


Centres Stop inc.
9335, boul Du Centre-Hospitalier  
Charny, Québec
Canada G6x 1L7
Stationnement gratuit


Centres Stop Inc.
105, Plamondon av  
Drummondville, Québec
Canada J2C 3V9
Accès pour mobilité réduite


Centres Stop inc.
4, boul Taschereau  
Gatineau, Québec
Canada J8Y 2V4

Greenfield Park

Centres Stop inc.
360,  Lawrence    #2000
Greenfield Park, Québec
Canada J4V 2J2


Centres Stop inc.
489, boul Sainte-Anne    #108
Joliette, Québec
Canada J6E 5A3


Centres Stop Inc.
1717, boul Saint-Martin  Ouest #210
Laval, Québec
Canada H7S 1N2
Stationnement gratuit Accès pour mobilité réduite


Centres Stop inc.
2100, rue Guy    #201
Montréal, Québec
Canada H3H 2M8
Téléphone : (514) 499-6911


Centres Stop inc.
172,  Notre-Dame  
Repentigny, Québec
Canada J6A 2P8


Centres Stop inc.
331, rue Labelle  
Saint-Jérome, Québec
Canada J7Z 5L2


Centres Stop inc.
4796, boul Bourque  
Sherbrooke, Québec
Canada J1N 2A7
Stationnement gratuit Accès pour mobilité réduite


Centres Stop inc.
190, rue Richelieu  
Saint-Jean-Sur-Richelieu, Québec
Canada J3B 6X4


Centres Stop inc.
1900, boul Des Récollets    #315
Trois-Rivières, Québec
Canada G8Z 4K4

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Montreal :

For all North America

Head Office

Stop Centres  Inc.
2100 Guy St, ste 201
Corner of Maisonneuve West
Montreal (Quebec)
Canada H3H 2M8


The Stop Centres

The Stop Centres is a network of naturotherapy clinics applying modern soft laser auriculotherapy to help patients alleviate many health conditions. The Montreal based clinic has 17 branches spread throughout the Quebec province ranging from Quebec City to Gatineau with the headquarters situated in downtown of Montreal.

Through research and development of exclusive methods of treatment, as well as modern laser equipment designed specifically for the Stop Centres, they have achieved superior efficacy in the treatments of substance dependency (tobacco, alcohol, soft and hard drugs) and psycho-emotional disorders (anxiety, stress, depression, and insomnia). For the past 12 years, the Stop Centres has treated over 70,000 patients for different health conditions, and more specifically for substance dependency.

The Laser Therapists in the Stop Centres have strong medical backgrounds and vast experience of medical practice. They received specific in house training in auricular treatment protocols and have been certified by professionals in the Stop Centres.

The dynamic team of research and development keep themselves informed on the latest breakthroughs in this field by communicating with experts all over the world. All of the protocols in the Stop Centres are developed in house through many years of experience and constantly updated information. Therefore, the Stop Centres is a pioneer in laser auriculotherapy. It is the only company accredited for research by the Governments of Quebec and Canada. Most insurance companies cover the costs of the treatments of the Stop Centres.

The Stop Centres offers a variety of treatment programs for dependencies: Stop TobaccoTM, Stop AlcoholTM, Stop DrugsTM and also some popular protocols such as Stop StressTM, Stop AnxietyTM, Stop InsomniaTM, and Stop WeightTM. There are 17 unique programs currently available. Details are available on the website at www.stopcentres.com.

If you have any related health conditions that bother you constantly and can't be gotten rid of by conventional approaches, why not try this amazing state of the art approach, which combines ancient wisdom/knowledge and modern technology.

Confidentiality guaranty

All information sent to Stop Centres will remain confidential and private.

Traditional medecine

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